Work hard, Play hard

09/07/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life

There seems to be a general adherence to the phrase "Work Hard, Play Hard" at Yale. People around here generally seem to have a plan that involves either reading an insane amount in the next hour, or having as much fun as a given night will allow. While this trend may fade away as the year goes on, it is quite an interesting phenomenon to write about.

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Rolling Along

09/06/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life

So another fun night at Yale. I went to one of the improv comedy shows with friends which was hilarious. I'm actually at my second comedy workshop of the day right now. Tryouts are on Monday and Tuesday so I'm trying to get into good form. I actually met up with the people someone at Jackson knew last night as well. So I'm having dinner with them later tonight. Turns out they are also on the YDN so I met them anyways without having to seek them out.

One downer is that there's no college football here yet. Doesn't start for another two weeks. So for today I'm just alternating reading and improv workshops, with another b-ball game and some light plotting later tonight as well. The torrential rains we had last night stopped this morning, but the air remains warm and humid. In dorm room news, My roommate Alex is awesome at ping-pong and golf, having a handicap of around three (I can still beat him at Wii Golf). Also, we are officially "stocked up" for college with pop tarts and easy mac among other candy and goodies. Plus, we spun our beds around to have more room. Everything's great so far and looking forward to another good afternoon. Go State!

First News Articles

09/05/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Photography, Yale Daily News

Just a quick note this morning as I get to work on some weekend homework. My first five photos were published in today's Yale Daily Newspaper. Links are provided to both the new school opening article and feedback on the new dean article. UPDATE: after actually getting a paper, it turns out the school article turned into a whole photo show. Check out the printed version with 5 pictures here! They are cropped a little better in print than online, and these aren't the best pictures, but there are other constraints when printing such as who was actually in the article, relevance to the text, and orientation. Enjoy!

Learning to Breathe

09/04/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life, The Mind, College, Classes

I awoke early this morning to go take pictures of a brand new elementary school opening in New Haven. I must say, it was rather impressive, certainly rivaling ELHS. I sprinted back to campus (with 30 pound backpack) for German. After which, I proceeded to go to lunch, sit in my dorm for a bit, and headed to "Consumer Culture". A very interesting and extremely work heavy class I look forward to.

After my class I ran back across town to pick up some other course materials and went on another photography run. Only now have I had time to sit down and do some work (Until my theater meeting at 4:00...Light plotting starts today!). I seemed to have finally come to terms with college life now that all these activities are in full swing. When I pulled out an article from "The Chronicle of Higher Education", however, I was surprised to find why my happiness had returned...

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First Days at Yale

09/03/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: College

What a first week it has been. After hours of training on how not to rape someone and well more of that, we are finally "shopping" classes here at Yale. But let's back up a few days and take a look at how the whole experience has unfolded thus far.

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