That Yale Thing

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Yeah so I've basically been doing that Yale thing this week. No not the thing from American Psycho, that's the other Yale thing. Anyways, I'll start one week ago today. We had an extremely successful Valentine's day show for the VQ, I received numerous complements on the incestuous grandson I played in a commercial, so that was fun.

Then this Tuesday I had the chance to travel with the production team for "Romance" by David Mamet (A play we are putting on in April) to New York. We went to see "Speed the Plow" also by David Mamet. It was an extremely funny show, and we had a great time in the city. We decided that after eating at Yale for weeks on end, the New York pizza tasted very good (not that Yale food is bad). We also had the chance to go backstage and talk with the cast and see the set (which was amazing) after the show. It was a fantastic trip, so I'm 2/2 on awesome shows this semester. You can check out a couple pictures on facebook, nothing special, just documenting our trip :)

This week also involved a lot of work on Equus. We finalized the light plot and picked gels. I just got the order in yesterday, so I'm very excited to load-in on Sunday. I also got the plot for the Freshman Show "Laughing Stock" today, so I've been doing some calculations and planning for that show too. It looks to be a very busy next few weekends.

On the YDN front, we had a War Photographer in from the New York Times to talk on Wednesday. He had amazing stories, he's clearly crazy. As a reflection of this, he had stories that basically sounded like stories a normal soldier would have. But it was very...interesting to hear them. After that I went out to dinner at Hot Tomato's, a restaurant here, which I found had very good pasta, so that was also fun.

Overall it's been a busy time here, but in the past week I've been involved in the best aspect of everything I do here. Photo trips to New York, the total New York Theater experience, incredible speakers, and I even learned a thing or two and hat meine Deutsche Prufung bestandet! I'm having a great time, and have been very lucky to have been able to do everything this past week. Look for lots of theater pictures coming over the next two weeks.

Till then!

The Universe is going to end...or something

02/10/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Web

Just a quick note today that the Universe will probably end, or do something weird on Friday. How do I know? Well because I just discovered that on Friday, February 13th 2009, 23:31:30 UTC, the UNIX Epoch time will be. 1234567890. For those of you in the know, UNIX Epoch time is the number of seconds since since Jan 1st 1970 (I think). All time stored in databases and computed on computers are usually computed in this format. To add to the mix, it occurs on Friday the 13th. For full coverage of this event there is a link to a count up, here:

And an XKCD joke about it here (well not it, but UNIX time):

I'm off to New York to see Speed the Plow, till next time!

What a Day

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As I went to bed this morning, I couldn't have predicted how nicely things would go today. As you already know, I took snowboarding pictures yesterday. What you may not know, is that I also did photos with the new football coach last week. Well good news, both stories ran today. So I have the Front Page Photo and Back Page Sports photo today. Furthermore, there is a full page color spread inside with snowboard photos. Needless to say this issue is one I will be saving hard copies of. What? You want to see them? Checka checka my Facebook album!

Of course Friday is Scene day. Scene is like the arts and pop culture section. There's a fun article about Yale in Pop Culture in today's issue that you should check out. There's actually a lot of very good articles in the paper today! From that same article comes a great summary of Yale from Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise”:

“Yale is November, crisp and energetic.”

So as I looked over the beautiful Yale Daily News today over a bowl of Chef Stu's own cream of wheat, a kid next to me struck up a conversation that went something like this:

Kid: "Oh so you know that photo that was in the YDN a few weeks ago? The one with the cop playing solitaire?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Kid: "So there's this site I visit called, where they post a lot of funny videos and photos. So I saw it a couple days ago in one of their galleries."
Me: "Oh cool!"
Kid: "Yeah and they pay 25$ per photo, so that's kind of cool that someone sent it in."
Girl next to us who knows that it's my photo: "Uh oh, sounds like a lawsuit"

So Anyways, I wandered over to check out this site and found my little picture hidden in one of the galleries they posted. Apparently this site is legitimate even though their design sucks. Check out "Cops are Bored" here. I was quite surprised to find that I had 18 humbs-up ratings, and almost 150,000 views...WOW...that's a lot in only 2 DAYS, I love the internet. It amazes me how these things travel around. To put that in perspective, that's 100 times more than everytime, everyone has looked at every photo on my photo blog. So I sent an email to try to get the money, which probably won't happen, but it's very cool that it made it onto there anyways!

I also managed to not fail my German Quiz and successfully complete my CS Program this morning.

Things were on such a roll that I've decided to apply for internships today. I spotted one that stood out to me at EA (Electornic Arts). For people in the know, EA is the Google of video games. They make everything. The Red Alert Series, Battlefield Series, the Sims Series, Madden, NCAA, NHL, SSX, and the always successful Scrabble for Facebook. Anyways, longshot, but fun to think about.

To round out my day, there's a VQ show tonight. Our signboard is a purple unicorn impaling, which is awesome and relevant since it's our valentine's day show. Singles Free, Couples $5. Needless to say there will be many unhappy marriages tonight.

So that's my day so far...time to go finish it up! Finish might be a bad term, I'm going to make my day better the only way I know how...watching The Shawshank Redemption!

Snow Jam

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Just back from my first Yale trip to NYC! We spent two hours there at the Red Bull Snow Jam. They basically constructed a 9 story ramp, threw some snow on it, and let famous snowboarders ride down it. To make the trip even funnier, I rode with a bunch of people from the Football Frat Houses and other universities from the area. Good Times.

Anyways, lots of YDN photos tomorrow! Front page, back page, inside color page, everything. It's nice, I put up a render I did for the paper on my photoblog. It's kind of blown out right now, but I'll work on it more later. Plus there should be more photos in a facebook album to come later today. Till then, get pumped and check back later today!

Like Webcomics?

02/02/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Web

One of my friends next door just started a new webcomic I thought I'd share. He is a hilarious improv guy, and I can safely say this I will be reading this along with XKCD as often as possible. Enjoy!

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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