Marathon Wrapup

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Marathon was fantastic, I really had a great time this weekend. Friday night was incredible and included the Freshman Olympics opening ceremonies, which was basically a small riot on Old Campus (Peaceful), but with lots of college pride (Remember that's Silliman for me, Yale is my University, there's a distinction here!)

As for Saturday, I wokeup, performed my first act as...OH WAIT. That's right I didn't write on here that I am the new Business Manager of the VQ! How awesome is that? Name on the door and everything. But anyways, I got the credit card and got bagels with the old one. Then we performed for 12-hours, and I bought the VQ pizza and we went to bed. Sounds boring, but it was awesome. Tons of VQ Allumni came back to see us, so I met them. Also, many of my friends stopped by to watch over the course of the day. Finally, I used photos from the event for a through the lens in the YDN. No virtual copies of that, but maybe I'll post a marathon picture or two on the blog later. Perhaps, my favorite scene (of mine) from Marathon was one in which I died by being "drawn and quartered" which for the VQ means someone was drawing my portrait on top of a building, they threw me a quarter for being good but it fell off the roof and I had to chase it. That's being "Drawn and Quartered"!

I'm working on a more topical post for the blog as well, so look for that. Off to call my pre-frosh now, bulldog days is approaching fast!!! This week is going to be some catchup work as well as preparations for Romance, the play we're doing. Till later...

Catch up!

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Well it's been awhile (2 weeks) since I gave a good update on my life. It's been nice to get back to school after Spring Break, although the first week back was a LOT of work. Things seemed to have settled into their normal rhythm now.

Romance is coming along well. I went to another rehearsal today to check it out and was very impressed! On a related note, I recently added ticketing to the YDC site. Meaning you can now get tickets for Yale shows at

Of course if you just want to read about our show you can do For those of you smart ones, /reserve/romance also work :) I picked up a new skill as evidence by my last post. Now I can do cool links for websites. Meaning that although those links I gave you work, the page your actually viewing is view_show.php?show_id=31 or something messy. That's called mod_rewrite, and I talked about my fun with it in the last post.

Theater aside, I've been busy doing some photos as well. I have officially photographed the NCAA Hockey Tournament (although we lost), in addition, my editors have been giving me some more chances to play around with flashes. This photo: ( was today's Scene cover...think it looks odd there? Imagine it as an entire newspaper page. Not the best thing I've done, but you gotta start somewhere. This was entirely lit by two flashes. Now that I see it online, it looks like they moved his hand closer so it worked &#59;)

More photo news, theres two new photos which were also cool graphic elements (theater one) and front page (couple) photos. So use the link at the top of the page to check those out.

FINALLY, tomorrow is Marathon. No not a race, I'm too lazy for that. Rather the VQ will be doing improv for 12 hours straight on cross-campus. Noon to Midnight. It's pretty intense, but I'm greatly looking forward to it. If I had an Iphone and Twitter, I would give you a play-by-play. Unfortunately I don't, so you'll have to get the low-down after (OR you could just come see us!)

That's the last two weeks. Only three more weeks till classes are over...we're gonna make it!

Mod_Rewrite Problems and Solutions

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So over the break I updated the Yale Drama Coalition website to have a reservation system! However, so that the addresses look pretty on posters, I wanted to use mod-rewrite, an apache webhost mod, to change the urls.

Basically instead of our Romance show url being:
it can now be accessed at:

Notice how those are much prettier (and easier to remember). Unfortunately, to do this requires some work at the top level of a website. It seems I accidentally got the file into my blog directory, so sorry to anyone who tried to get to the site in the past day.

Anyways, if anyone else is looking for help getting mod_rewrite to work, I found two very helpful resources:
this cheat sheet for mod rewrite was great and condensed all the information onto a single page!

Second, I was using the [R] tag for awhile, which literally redirects to the underlying page instead of masking it. The reason for this was that /reserve/ makes the page think it's in the reserve directory, so all the links break. To fix this I found a post on mod_rewrite forums which gave some solutions. Unfortunately, I've always used relative links, meaning I used the 5th option of a base tag to fix it.

Now everything's fine and dandy. This technique is great for search engine friendliness, is somewhat logical, and works better on print and when giving out the link!

Real information on my life to come later.

Tour...Days 3 + 4

03/11/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Improv Comedy

Day Three: We arose at 6:00 to get out to our first gig. This gig consisted of three workshops and a show, which was exhausting, however, we did get a very good picture out of it! After those shows, we ate lunch at the school and drove cross town to another show where we did yet another show and workshop. Finally, we rented skis on the way home. It was a very busy day.

Day Four: We slept. We skiied. We ate a "Mountain of Love" (Secret VQ recipe)

In other news, a friend pointed out that my photo has poped up again on gizmodo. Of course I guess since these things just get into the wild there is no stopping them. Oh well, at least you all know the truth!

That's the news, the next day or two we will be taking it easy: Bumming around town, hiking up by the NOAA, indoor rock climbing, and performing traditional VQ traditions. Our final show is in a coffee shop on Friday, so some good resting to be had before that!

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Tour....Day 2

03/09/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Improv Comedy
Tour....Day 2

Not sure if today is actually day two, maybe three? I can't tell yet. My day got off to a great, albeit still surreal start. I checked my email this morning to find that the only email I had was from a Thai college reporter who wanted copies of my Gender Neutral Housing photos. Very odd. But hey, now I can say that I've been published internationally.

Carrying on from where I left off yesterday, we got to the tour house and I was once again stunned. It is amazing (see pictures). Just a great place to spend tour. From the stories I hear it sounds like I've been spoiled silly on tour houses. So far no one has gotten sick from the altitude (Just over a mile, so not bad). I am however somewhat sick with some kind of allergies or sinus infection, but the show must go on!

Last night, we went into Boulder to "Illegal Pete's", for burritos. They were ok, but the steak was no Chipolte (Although they have those here!). After that we went to the most quaint thing I've ever seen. It was a teahouse that was shipped over from Tajikistan. In a sister city trade, Boulder got this tea house in exchange for an internet cafe. It was just amazing to see (no pictures, Sorry!)

We finally made it home and rehearsed for our corperate show and workshop today at Tier 3 communications which turned out to be a very...interesting experience. It was a lot of fun to get to watch someone that wasn't us perform. Plus a bunch of lawyers doing improv is just hilarious.

We also went and found another geocache on top of a nice vista today and I cooked some hamburgers and we hung out tonight. REALLY long day tomorrow with lots of shows!

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