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Japan Day 19: Nagasaki

11/24/14 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Travel

Turns out things were not quite wound down. Got in to Nagasaki and as I wandered looking for some snacks, I stumbled into an English speaking bar. Now at this point in my trip, I thought I'd pretty much covered everything, but turns out at this small bar, most of the regulars are shipbuilders under various contracts building Carnival cruise ships in the port. One Swedish guy was drunk and literally just being "that guy", most annoying person I've ever seen in a bar. Apparently he's nice normally. Some others came in and out too, a Japanese doctor from Tokyo and I talked for a while; it was a very different experience than the hostel ones.

Anyways, I drank with them for a bit, then after the Swaggering Swed left, we went to a "Sports Bar" where there were no sports. There my guys started to head out, but some (ALT?) English teachers came in. So I chatted with them and they took me to a "Standing Bar". It's basically a long bar with standing room only. You just lean on the back wall and the bar is in front of you, literally the smallest of bars. As people leave, you are obligated to move towards the back (down the bar), so you always know who's been there the longest :) I only got to slide a little before I looked up from my plum wine (or something) and realized it was 3am already. Had to get a few hours of sleep in before my big day!

I didn't actually have anything planned for Nagasaki, so I wandered around the port, where a Saturday market was happening. Then checked out the Peace Museum and monuments. I figured I'd have extra time today, so I loaded up some Geocaches and found a couple. (I'll make a long post about this tomorrow as I don't think I've blogged about geocaching before). One chain cache seemed to have just been hidden (no finds), but as I got to the logbook I was dismayed to find someone had gotten to it just a few hours earlier. First English find :)

Random sidebar observation: no one wears sunglasses here. Literally no one. Umbrellas aplenty though. Not sure what the deal is there.

After the long geocache, I barely made it onto a cable car up the mountain to catch sunset. I arrived with about 15 minutes to spare and sat up there for something like 2 hours just snapping pics and looking around. It's one of the top 3 night time views! I was already making the comparison in my mind, but on the way down I caught that one of the others was Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is unrivaled in all my travels. This wasn't even close, but it was really gorgeous especially watching the city lights come to life over sunset.

For a day that I wasn't expecting to amount to much, it came together pretty nicely! I got lucky and snuck onto a cable car as the last person (single riders!), I would have had to do a dead sprint otherwise to try and make the last train. Instead I had a light jog and an extra 5 minutes to be unable to find a bento box for dinner :( Pulling into Kagoshima on my last Shinkansen now, just two days left!


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