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I'm sorry!

02/28/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Photography, Theater

It's been two weeks since I last really updated you on my life. But this is with good reason: I've been very busy. Between Equus and Laughing Stock there's hardly been any time to work on those pesky midterms I've been taking. However I'm almost out of the forest. Tonight is my final (basically) theater engagement for the semester. We just have to take everything down and it's over! Also, I will be inducted into the Dramat tonight as well (tomorrow morning I guess). This means that I've completed 3 shows on crew...my how time flies. Anyways, more unexciting work to do the rest of this week studying.

What is exciting however, is that spring break is a mere one week away. That's right, in precisely one week I will be on a plane to Colorado to ski and improv. There is no break like a tour break. So I'm thrilled to be able to hang out with the VQ for a week and then see all the people from EL I miss so much.

But what's even more exciting than that (for you) is my photoblog. If you check it regularly then you already know this, but if you expect that I will notify you every time I post a picture, than you are also correct. I have posted 6 new pictures. That's right 6 great pictures of school, sports, and more. They aren't actually new, but I don't always keep all my YDN photos, so I went and raided their server this weekend. They however the most recent 6 on the site, so just check out the photoblog and look at all my pictures! Let me know what you think!



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