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Boston Legal and Gossip Girl

12/09/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Movies

Last night brought the end of Gossip Girl and the true end of Boston Legal. It seems like TV just does not like me. I start watching Las Vegas, it ends (Eventually started up again). I discover Star Trek: Voyager (My perfect show), it dies. Finally, Joan of Arcadia died without so much as a sensible ending.

Back to the present, Gossip Girl (A Yale Tradition), wraped up this season. The episode was worse than an ADD 5-year-old in a candy store. It literally worked a sweat trying to pack in as many awkward, melodramatic, cliche-packed moments as possible. I suppose it was the reason we all watch Gossip Girl, but still. How many people need to die, get married, elope, have abortions and breakup in one episode to make it good?

As for Boston Legal, nothing could do justice to the show (or what I've seen of it) better than that finale. Alan's monologue was stunningly indicative of the show's style. Preposterous, but 100% founded. As Jerry says of Alan, "there will never be anyone like him." I read an article about the last episode that confirmed my beliefs, that Alan and Denny are perhaps the best duo ever created by a television series. It is simply fitting that they try to get married, and in full Boston Legal style, make a courtroom-public-statement about the potential ramifications of what their doing. But to top it all off, to be married by a man in a fishing vest on the supreme on a dock in the middle of nowhere, is the only way to end that show.

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Comment from: Micah

Discovered Voyager? There are seven seasons you have yet to burn through.

12/10/08 @ 04:45 pm

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