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Category: "Theater" - Charlie's Thoughts

Category: "Theater"

Life Update

05/16/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes

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Oh my gosh. One full year at Yale is over. You know it's amazing how much can change in a year. All four years of high school weren't as eventful as the past year has been for me. I'm shocked when I think of the Juniors (Year behind me always), who are just getting ready to graduate high school, and consider that I walked across that stage under one year ago. As you might have guessed, the fact that I'm writing again means that finals are over! I think I did well on the ones I had.

After Finals, I took a much needed breather and threw myself a James Bond Party! Mainly because James Bond is awesome. The party was a huge success and a great way for me to close out the year with all my Yale friends (Who, since they are reading this, should come visit me in Michigan this summer...PLEASSSEEE!!). Unlike some of my friends who have departed for Hong Kong, Europe or other exotic locales, I only made it to Old Campus after finals. I'm spending a week working on the Commencement Issue of the YDN and helping out with lights for the commencement musical. So far, it's been a great time. It's nice to bum around campus without considering which classes I have work due in. In addition, we just hacked out a great cover/theme idea for the paper today, so things are coming along well!

Before I moved in to old campus, I had a few days off to get certain things in order. For example, I got to take a day trip to New York. It's amazing how much you can fit in a day! I managed to finally get Rush tickets to Wicked (3rd try is a charm) and also packed in some shopping and good food. There's a great italian pasta place on 50th and 9th if anyone is in the area. Try the Gnocchi!

So that's been my past couple weeks. Unfortunately, all this fun means I jammed the start date of my internship right up against my return flight. So i get home Tuesday night and go right to work on Wednesday. Oh well! There's lots of little side things I hope to accomplish this summer, so I'll keep you posted on those.

For now, I'm swamped again with work somehow...I guess it's good to stay busy! But it's good to be done with classes in any case. Thanks for sticking with the blog and check back over the summer for more random meanderings!

I'm sorry!

02/28/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Photography, Theater

It's been two weeks since I last really updated you on my life. But this is with good reason: I've been very busy. Between Equus and Laughing Stock there's hardly been any time to work on those pesky midterms I've been taking. However I'm almost out of the forest. Tonight is my final (basically) theater engagement for the semester. We just have to take everything down and it's over! Also, I will be inducted into the Dramat tonight as well (tomorrow morning I guess). This means that I've completed 3 shows on how time flies. Anyways, more unexciting work to do the rest of this week studying.

What is exciting however, is that spring break is a mere one week away. That's right, in precisely one week I will be on a plane to Colorado to ski and improv. There is no break like a tour break. So I'm thrilled to be able to hang out with the VQ for a week and then see all the people from EL I miss so much.

But what's even more exciting than that (for you) is my photoblog. If you check it regularly then you already know this, but if you expect that I will notify you every time I post a picture, than you are also correct. I have posted 6 new pictures. That's right 6 great pictures of school, sports, and more. They aren't actually new, but I don't always keep all my YDN photos, so I went and raided their server this weekend. They however the most recent 6 on the site, so just check out the photoblog and look at all my pictures! Let me know what you think!


Equus Lives!

02/19/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Photography, Theater

After an exhausting week of attempting to learn how to light a three-quarter thrust show (Audience on three sides), I think we are finally ready to open. As usual, yesterday was the photo show, so I'd just like to share some of those with you. Check them out on facebook! One of my favorite lightingwise scenes was the sex scene, but for obvious reasons, that's not on there. You'll just have to trust me that it was pretty....the lighting that is. Anyways, it should be a pretty fun show to watch, on to Laughing Stock now...

And we all float on...

01/29/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life, Improv Comedy, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes

Well my last couple posts have been rather specific so I thought I'd update you on what's been going on in my life around Yale. There's so much going on, which of course is just how I like it :)

First off though, I should mention the new Yale Drama Coalition website. The look and feel are almost identical to the old one, but I gutted the whole thing over break and rewrote it. So now it's all database driven, meaning there's lots more versatility to be had. It's still a work in progress, more features will get added soon, but for now all the normal functionality is there.

Speaking of the YDC, we just finished applications for the next board year. So there will be a whole new group of people to work with on there. It's a really great organization that ties together the various Sudler (Yale funded) shows, actors, and techies on campus. I've been thrilled with the work they do. For instance, I have to attend one of the periodic workshops about theater so I can get "ladder certified" for my shows.

Oh! My shows! This semester's lineup features a variety of shows for me. First up is Equus, you know, the one with the horses and Harry Potter naked...that's the one. I'm doing Lighting Design for that. I just drew up my initial ideas yesterday and will talk that over with the director later this week.

Next there's Laughing Stock. This is a comedy about a theater company. It's put on by the Dramat meaning it's one of the larger shows this semester. But what makes this one special is that it's done entirely by Freshman. Each year the Dramat puts on a spring show run entirely put up by Freshman (Oddly called the Freshman Show). I'm Master Electrician for this one, so I'll be handling the load-in, hanging, gelling, focusing of the lights, etc.

Finally, there is a play I'm intimately involved in called Romance by David Mamet. I haven't read that many plays, but I'm told David Mamet has a It's entirely Male, and the F-word is the most prominent word through out the play. Anyways, we just finished casting the play, having had auditions last weekend. It's a great group of guys and we're excited to get started. The other two guys working on it (so far) worked on Speech and Debate with me, so I'm glad to be working with them!

My own acting career is getting busy as well. The freshman from all of the improv groups are doing a show this Friday. We've been practicing for a couple months now and I think it's going to be a really fun show. Exactly one week after that show, is the VQ's Valentine's Day show, which is always fun.

Photography's been going great as well. I *finally* got all my flash equipment and batteries together today. I've been reading the Strobist Blog for a couple weeks now learning about different ways to use a flash. I even went and made my own cardboard gobos and snoot (like a bazooka you stick on the flash). Plus I have some gels from an old show I use to color the flash. I got ready to go do my first portrait today only to find that my wireless battery had died. Naturally it's an obscure 3v photo battery so I wasn't able to replace it in time. Nevertheless, look for some samples of my new flash look on the photoblog soon! YDN has been great, they wanted to send me to the Presidential Inauguration, but the transportation schedule just didn't work for me. Looking forward to another good semester there though, I've already had a few photos in there, including this nice portrait I did for a friend upstairs.

EDIT: I almost forgot...there's three new header images for the blog...see if you can find them all! (And use all my bandwidth in the process)

There's been plenty of activities on the social scene as well; Parties and dances to boot. We've had the Silliman and Freshman Screw this month (your roommates "screw" you with a blind date) plus lots of other gatherings.

Oh right, then there's schoolwork. That's all good too. Data Structures and Algorithms, German (I might be fluent next year!), Psyc and Stats. Nothing too exciting, but all good classes. On that note, C is a worthless and stupid programming language and I'm mad at it.

Well that's a pretty good life summary at this point in time. I am REALLY excited about this semester, if you know me, you know I love to work on contributing to things, and opportunity abounds this semester. The reception to the new Drama Coalition site has been positive, and I'm looking forward to converting the entire YDN photo desk to flash photography (yea, right) but hey maybe I'll at least convert myself. If anyone gets a chance, please come out some weekend, there's lots of shows I will at least have helped with, tons of great concerts, and of course improv. You never know what you'll get.

Great time to be at Yale, welcome to the new semester!

Back in the Swing

01/13/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life, Photography, Theater, Classes

After a fantastic hiatus, I'm back. More blog, more pictures, and more blah! That's right this weeks buzzword is "Blah" in honor of my disdain for the amount of commitments I have managed to acquire this semester. As is time-honored tradition for me, my first day back (Sunday) I managed to not arrive back in my room until after midnight due to theater meetings. But let me handle the various fronts one at a time.

School: Classes started up again yesterday, and I am just now in the middle of picking ("Shopping") classes for this semester. I think I am down to 5, with a simple decision between stats classes to be made. My schedule is in some respects better this semester, and worse in some. I rather enjoyed having all my classes back-to-back in the morning last semester, now they are more spread out. I'm excited to check out my other two classes this afternoon as they are the two I am most excited about.

Theater: Over-committed might be an understatement. It's really not as bad as it sounds, but it comes in waves. I am Lighting Designer for Equus and then Master Electrician for the Freshman Show the week after. Those are the February shows and then there are April shows after that. I was hoping ot leave more time for YDN work (and class work for that matter), but it should be very fun working on those shows.

Photos: Oh is photo going to be exciting this semester. One of my editors got a 12-24 lens for Christmas which I hope to play around with some. In addition, I now have a tripod and flash (Wireless flash), so look for some shot playing around with that this semester.

Photos and VQ: To summarize our winter tour I have presented two "Prom" photos on my photoblog. The first is one I had a lot of fun with in Photoshop. When we shot it, we were just playing around having fun. But the spot color seemed like an appropriate way to take it in photoshop. The second one is very cool as well. A very simple, endearing picture which is simply awesome because of their expressions.

For the full album you can go to facebook!

Well that's the news from Yale. I look forward to another great semester here, lots to do (I haven't even started IM Basketball yet!). If anyone's looking for an intern, let me know :) Otherwise, till next time.

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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