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Back in the Swing

01/13/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: The Life, Photography, Theater, Classes

After a fantastic hiatus, I'm back. More blog, more pictures, and more blah! That's right this weeks buzzword is "Blah" in honor of my disdain for the amount of commitments I have managed to acquire this semester. As is time-honored tradition for me, my first day back (Sunday) I managed to not arrive back in my room until after midnight due to theater meetings. But let me handle the various fronts one at a time.

School: Classes started up again yesterday, and I am just now in the middle of picking ("Shopping") classes for this semester. I think I am down to 5, with a simple decision between stats classes to be made. My schedule is in some respects better this semester, and worse in some. I rather enjoyed having all my classes back-to-back in the morning last semester, now they are more spread out. I'm excited to check out my other two classes this afternoon as they are the two I am most excited about.

Theater: Over-committed might be an understatement. It's really not as bad as it sounds, but it comes in waves. I am Lighting Designer for Equus and then Master Electrician for the Freshman Show the week after. Those are the February shows and then there are April shows after that. I was hoping ot leave more time for YDN work (and class work for that matter), but it should be very fun working on those shows.

Photos: Oh is photo going to be exciting this semester. One of my editors got a 12-24 lens for Christmas which I hope to play around with some. In addition, I now have a tripod and flash (Wireless flash), so look for some shot playing around with that this semester.

Photos and VQ: To summarize our winter tour I have presented two "Prom" photos on my photoblog. The first is one I had a lot of fun with in Photoshop. When we shot it, we were just playing around having fun. But the spot color seemed like an appropriate way to take it in photoshop. The second one is very cool as well. A very simple, endearing picture which is simply awesome because of their expressions.

For the full album you can go to facebook!

Well that's the news from Yale. I look forward to another great semester here, lots to do (I haven't even started IM Basketball yet!). If anyone's looking for an intern, let me know :) Otherwise, till next time.


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