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See you on the other side!

10/18/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Technology

It's been a busy week at Yale. Lots of mid-terms and such. However, I did manage to sneak off to Boston Thursday night for a Mika concert. Which was probably the most awesome concert history. It was just so much fun, and he is really a great songwriter performer.

Unfortunately, on the way there, my phone decided to stop working (The blackberry Tour's keyboard stopped working). I took it in to Verizon in Boston at 7:00 at night, and they said there was nothing they could do but to have a new one shipped out. So that was kind of a bummer for my weekend until, at 10AM the next day, I got a package with my new phone in it. What service! After an hour to transfer my old phone to the new one through my computer, I was back up and running. While I'm not crazy about the Tour, it's been nice to have around, and I'm glad I made it through the weekend with one.

Since I'm on such a technology roll, I'm just finishing up prepping my computer to upgrade to Windows 7. Who knows what it will break on my computer...I have Linux installed on a different partition in case things go really bad, but from what I'm heard it's just a simple upgrade and I won't even have to re-install my programs...which is good because I definitely don't have the CDs for most of them. Well time to get started...wish me luck, and see you on the Windows 7 side soon...

Safety at Yale

10/01/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: College

So the other night I was walking home from YDN at 3AM, and I thought to myself. "Yale is a very dangerous place". It's a rough world we live in, and I've noticed a few security measures that seem "lax" here. So I'm proposing a few security measures to ensure that students are safe at Yale. Details after the jump...

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09/19/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Classes

So the other day I was letting my mind wander in CS, as I do so frequently. I looked to my left, I looked to my right, and I looked in front of me. All three people had laptops out, and all three were simultaneously and independently browsing fmylife. I had forgotten my laptop. FML

Not so far from Home

09/11/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: College

It's been a pretty long week here between finding our new VQ taps, and just now getting over a Sinus infection I've had most of the week. It was quite interesting being on the other side of the tap process this year. Instead of being woken up at odd hours, I was the one who had been up all night and the one waking people up. I think we came out with a fantastic group of 3, and now I can start looking forward to our fall tour in Boston!

Today is the first day this fall that it has been truly rainy out. Although it's probably for the better as I can reallocate my afternoon IMs time to doing homework and playing Super Monkey Ball. I'm about settled in with all my various activities, we tapped people in VQ, I've taken on all my theater shows for the semester, and YDN editor transition time is next week.

Talking to people back home is always a little hard. It all just seems so distant form this quaint little New England College. Funny story though. I was wearing my "State" shirt the other day, and as I went into the dining hall, someone greeted me with "Go State". I was slightly taken aback until about 30 seconds later, a second person greeted me with "Go Green, Go White". Being this far away, it's quite rare to find a spartan fan let alone two. Most people tend to be UoM fans unfortunately. Anyways, looks like the game is on ESPN2, so maybe I'll get a chance to watch some football after all.

That's all for now, time to get my C on!

First Day of Classes

09/02/09 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Classes

In honor of the first day of shopping period at Yale. I recently was mailed a guide to shopping the most depressing classes possible, so I figured I'd share it. When you feel overwhelmed by all the classes you are shopping, just check out this schedule and be glad it's not yours:

EP&E 307: Genocide & Ethnic Conflict

ECON 470: American Financial Crises

G&G 100: Natural Disasters

WGSS 386: Women in the Arab World

GMAN 271: Jews & Germans

Yes, this is an actual schedule you could take. Best of luck picking out classes! I've decided that I'm not taking the class I'm sitting in right now, so that free'd up some time to write this post. Also, one of the reviews from a class I have to take reads: "Expect an insanely huge workload, and that it will affect your performance in other classes. Saying that the amount of work for this class is 'much greater' than for other classes doesn't capture how much it really is." FML. Happy Shopping :)

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