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Finals Week

12/18/08 | by Comp615 [mail] | Categories: Classes

After the fun of reading week comes the pain and agony that is finals week. Of course there is some relief from the non-stop studying: Naked runs, impromptu A capella concerts, and midnight breakfasts. However, this is the week when Yale looks like Yale. Meaning that every spot in every Library is taken. I haven't seen some people for a week who have been camping in the Silliman Library, on the other hand I've seen many people I never see because they've actually come back to study.

There's really not much more to say about finals really, so I have decided to post two more photos on the photoblog for your pleasure. The Tony Blair photos aren't great since I was a mile away and it was dark, but it seemed noteworthy. Finally I stepped outside one night to see a glowing sky and took some pictures of that. I've included one, it seemed appropriate to include Bass Library in the picture to show that everyone really is studying non-stop (except to update their blogs). This will be my last post of the semester, so enjoy the break. I might post some good photos from break, or painful stories of trying to fly home through a snow storm. Otherwise, till next semester!

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